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Cylindropuntia spinosior

Cane Cholla

Cylindropuntia spinosior
Cylindropuntia spinosior
Cylindropuntia spinosior

Life form2, 3: cactus, medium arborescent
Habitat: valleys
leaf presence3: leaves only on new growth
leaf arrangement3: leaves only on new growth
leaf format3: leafless or alternate
leaf shape3: scalelike
leaf surface3: smooth
leaf margin3: entire
Flower color2: magenta or pink
Flowering period2: May to June
Armament2, 3: short straight spines with sheaths or long straight spines with sheaths
Family1, 2, 3: Cactaceae (cactus family)
Synonym(s)1: Opuntia spinosior
Status: rare in SW Arizona
Locations where collected or observed:
      Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge
      Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
      Ajo vicinity and BLM land
      Sonoran Desert National Monument

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