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Montana to the Sonoran Desert

Like the proverbial snowbird, avian or human, Snowbirdpix.com travels from the far north to the far south experiencing and capturing the wonders of the Natural World in places like Montana, Arizona, California and other points in between and elsewhere in this spectacular Country of ours.

These snowbirds have gathered an extensive collection of photos and information about plants and birds and other wildlife in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains of Montana and the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and California. Join us as we marvel at the wondrous and intricate beauty of butterflies and other members of the insect world exhibited in the small but growing collection of images presented herein.

On a grander scale, join us on virtual trips to view spectacular and subtle scenic wonders of destinations that in the real world may be reached by car or often only by foot. Perhaps, after seeing these places on the screen may inspire many of you to seek them out and experience them in real life.

*Sonoran Desert referred to here are the portions within California and Arizona.